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Last Updated: October 15, 2013
Whether you have one website or twenty sites, launching a new website can be very exciting. Yet, if you pick the wrong web hosting solution, you could be parking your website in a money pit or worse yet, in an insecure place where all of your work could be lost.

Certainly, picking the right hosting company may feel daunting for anyone - including seasoned web developers. The wrong hosting solution could end up costing you plenty of money as many hosting companies charge for minimal services. For example, a $5 fee a month here and a $4 fee a month there, can quickly add up, costing you hundreds of extra dollars a year.

Luckily, heavy competition and new programing and hosting technologies, have created some very dependable hosting services for individuals or businesses. This has also created some affordable and "hacker proof" solutions for many who are seeking a reliable hosting company.

But determining the best hosting company can be a challenge. Which ones work best with your site? Which one is the most reliable? Which one is the easiest to use? There are quite a few web hosting companies out there, so we decided to rate the top15 most popular web hosting companies to determine the top 3 choices. In doing so, we chose some straight forward criteria - reliability, value, and ease of use.

During the course of six months and with the use and assessment of dozens of websites, we reviewed 15 popular web hosting services. Overall, we were impressed with many of them but only determined the top three choices among them.

We reviewed the best web hosting companies, using the following criteria:

  • Value - Did it deliver a premium value to customers?
  • Reliability - Was the web hosting service reliable?
  • Ease of Use - Was the service easy to use?
iPage Review

Rating 10/10

Ease of Use

"The BEST web hosting for 2013..."

Of the 15 web hosting solutions we reviewed, it was clear that Ipage stood above the rest in every category.

To be frank, several others companies came close, but Ipage and its abundance of value, reliability, and easy-of-use interface, simply put it over the top.

First, let's talk value. For only $3 bucks a month, you can buy your website and have secure hosting service that will not shut down when you need it most. Hands down, this is not only convenient but it's quite a good deal when comparing it to the other options.

In addition, for your three bucks, you get some pretty cool web building tools that are very useful, and you get about $150 in advertising credits with Facebook and Google, which means, you're basically getting free service for roughly a few years.

Here is what we didn't expect: while most other services charged us to help get our websites "SEO" optimized, Ipage provides these basic services for free. For us, this was probably the biggest savings and value out there. In addition, they provide malware security protection - which is something that no one really thinks about until they actually need it. Because Ipage offers malware/spyware protection for free, which runs about $50 in stores a year; you know you are getting a great deal. There was simply no way the other web hosting companies could top Ipage in value.

The other important factor we considered was that of reliability. In web hosting, reliability is essential. It could mean the loss of your website data, customers, or traffic. With Ipage, we never worried about having a problem with reliability or security.

Being easy-to-use was also essential. From our experience, if a web hosting service is easy to use, overall satisfaction goes and potential headaches go away. Ipage certainly delivered in this category. Its user-friendly dashboard allows the user a simplified method of controlling everything, including special features like a shopping cart, PayPal integration, email creation, email forwarding, auto responders, and website traffic analytics.

The icing on the cake was that IPage provides unlimited storage and bandwidth, and a free Toll-Free number for its users to place on their websites. The savings, customer service, and reliability were simply too much for other competitors here.

We feel extremely confident in recommending this this web hosting solution to anyone who would like value and ease of use when dealing with their web hosting.

The Verdict: Excellent value, very reliable, and extremely easy to use.

Rating 9.3/10

Ease of Use

Highly Recommended

2. GoDaddy

A close runner up is also a great web hosting service with millions of domain names under its watch. GoDaddy is a multi-product and complete web hosting company who has built a name on quality service and reliability. As with our first pick, you get quite a few bonuses when you decide to host your website with them.

In addition, you have the opportunity to control your domain names, purchases, sales, and a number of other products including website "search engine optimization" resources, all at your disposal.

Yet, our expectations were pretty high after reviewing our top choice. While good customer service and variety of services were available to us, we found GoDaddy delivering slightly less value.

Despite that, GoDaddy still remains another solid web hosting solution for just about anyone who wants high quality service and reliability. Therefore, GoDaddy comes in a very close second.

Rating 8.7/10

Ease of Use

Also Recommended

3. FatCow Hosting

FatCow web hosting service is our third and final choice out of the 15 web hosting companies we reviewed.

Fat Cow certainly has made a name for itself in providing excellent web hosting services and technical support, which is probably why they are growing so quickly.

They also deliver a number of good options and services for new website owners or those who have many domains to manage, all under one roof.

Yet, while they offer good customer service and decent value, in our full FatCow review we found that their dashboard was not as easy to use when comparing it to the others. We often had to spend time with customer service for the simplest of tasks, which is something that they can improve on.

Until then however, Fat Cow might be useful for a person who is very comfortable with computers, the internet, and who knows what questions to ask their technical support team.

Overall, Fat Cow is a good pick among many good hosting services and deserves to be a solid third choice from our batch of reviews.

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